The Mostabear Journey

So you think you want to make the Mostabear journey…

My name is Christine Grouhel and I founded Mostabear in 1992 when I discovered my love for the breed with my first Newfoundland named Wilbur.  I have been involved primarily with conformation; however, I dabble in the working side of Newfs as time allows.  I stepped into the conformation ring for the first time at age 10 with our family Labrador Retriever named Chester, bred by my grandmother, Eleanor Palmer of Nelnor Labrador Retrievers.  Dogs have always been a part of my life.

Our kennel is Permanently Registered with the Canadian Kennel Club and what started out as a passion has turned into a full time love affair for me and my family.

I currently focus solely on Newfoundlands, however, for about 15 years I was also immersed in my husband, Steve’s, passion for and with the Golden Retriever.  Close friends and Golden breeders Jacquie & Beth Paetz have continued with our Mostabear bloodlines while adding their own under their kennel name Nadina Goldens (

For a time, our best friends Glenda Minor & Grant Harding bred Bernese Mountain Dogs under our Mostabear prefix.  You can now find these Berners under their new kennel name Capstone ( (not currently active)).

Mostabear Newfoundlands is currently located in the Southern Interior of British Columbia, between Merritt and Kamloops.  We relocated in the Summer of 2011 and built our forever more home.  Our 20 “Mostabear Acres” are primarily sunny, open and are constantly being improved for our family, both two and four legged.  The entire acreage is fenced and cross fenced to allow our dogs to be with me or my family anywhere and at anytime.




[ July 15, 2016 to July 17, 2016. ] The “Newfoundland Kitchen Party” has always been a popular idea with visitors to Newfoundland and Labrador.  Expatriates have fond memories of kitchen parties from living here as children or have heard about the parties from their relatives. Other visitors hear about the famous tradition through local culture, advertising and other mediums.

According to, the tradition […]

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Kamloops & District Kennel Club All Breed Dog Show

[ August 30, 2013 7:00 pm to September 2, 2013 7:00 pm. September 2, 2016 to September 5, 2016. ]

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